In Parlem Telecom we are celebrating our first anniversary: we have already spent a year trading on the stock exchange and our future prospects cannot be better. During these first twelve months, we have fully gained the confidence of investors and have managed to move from 2’8 euros/action to 5’6 euros/action, which involves a growth of 97% much higher than that of our competitors. In addition, the total value of our company has doubled. If, on the day of our release to the BME Growth market, on the 22nd of June of 2021, te capitalisation of Parlem was of 45’3 millions of euros, a year later we have already exceeded the 91 millions of euros. So many good news (and those that will come soon) deserved a high celebration, which took place last night in the big room of the Moritz Factory in Barcelona.

The guests of the event could not be other than the small investors who are making it possible for our operator’s success to be “collective”, as we are a country project with a number of “values” that distinguish us from the rest, such as Catalanness, proximity, solidarity or innovation. Ernest Pérez-Mas, CEO of Parlem Telecom, claimed this in his main speech at the event, where he was convinced that our company’s revenues for 2022 will already exceed 60 million euros. Pérez-Mas, who entered the room playing the bell with which our stock market was announced a year ago, made a strong commitment to turn Parlem Telecom into the essential point of local operators in Catalonia; that is, in the reference telecommunications group of the territory, to integrate most small Catalan companies in the sector by having sufficient strength and identity in a very competitive and increasingly global market.

In order to meet these challenges, the Shareholders Meeting of Parlem Telecom approved two avenues yesterday that guarantee us resources for the next five years; the expansion of social capital, which could be up to 20 million euros, and the possible issuing of convertible or exchangeable bonds and bonds to achieve funding worth up to 30 million euros. In this regard, Pérez-Mas promised the assistants that there would soon be news of new acquisitions of companies that would allow us to continue this expansionary growth of Parlem Telecom.

Beyond videos shown at the event and the various parliaments, among which was the participation of the stage of Marc Dabad, the first historical client of Parlem Telecom from now seven years ago, the celebration at the Moritz Factory was a social and festive gathering between all those who have made and make our company possible. Together, we were able to share experiences while we tasted various dishes created by Jordi Vilà, the Michelin star cook of the Alkimia restaurant. The avant-garde Catalan cuisine is a good inspiration to imagine the future of Parlem Telecom as the country’s great innovative operator.