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Letter from the Chairman 04-26-2023

Report on the organizational structure and internal control 04-26-2023

Presentation of results for the year 2022 for shareholders 04-26-2023

Update date of publication of results 2022 03-29-2023

Publication of results 2022 and Q1 2023 03-22-2023

Fibrotel Purchase Ratification 03-22-2023

Modification of year-end estimate 2022 02-22-2023

Capital increase for credit compensation 02-22-2023

Departure of Director Mr. Octavio Miguel Sánchez Laguna from the Board of Directors 01-27-2023

Significant holdings greater than 5% 01-10-2023

Minutes of the General Shareholders' Meeting 12-15-2022

Acquisition of three companies 12-15-2022